Week 9

This is my work in progress from class.

Sugar-coated Extinction Timeline

Conceptual Framework

Sugar-coated Extinction is about how the concept of extinction forces us to grapple with different scales of time. It contrasts the urgency of immediate anthropogenic threats to an ecosystem with the long term insignificance of our human existence on a geologic timescale. Decision making and taste will provide engagement while text will provide information on the sixth extinction and anthropogenic contributions. In this way, the saying “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down,” comes to life.

Stefani:as if you’re telling a four year old, reductive, simple language; lead with what you are actually doing: sugar coated extinction and how we are typically informed about extinction in a “sugar coated” manner (fluffy animals and vague threats but nothing tangible, normalization of extinction)


Conceptual Framework II

The sixth extinction is difficult to articulate to people because it is scary, and tough to comprehend. Attempts to educate the public have made large, fuzzy animals the face of extinction in the focused on saving singular, cute animals


  1. Focus on large, fuzzy animals (leaves all other organisms out of cultural conscious)
  2. Existence of extinction seen as a norm (mass extinction rate vs background extinction rate)

Why sugar-coated:

  1. Simplify for awareness
  2. Tough to think about
  3. Communication barrier between science and general public


Contrast timescales that makes the sixth extinction difficult to think about. Decision making and tasting coupled with

The existence of extinction has become the norm through standard education of the dinosaurs  mainstream media stories that simplify extinction as a natural phenomenon despite the fact that we are experiencing extinction at an abnormal rate – mass extinction. Our understanding has been sugar-coated –

Research (Conceptual)

Ecosystem to represent

How many organisms?


Research (Execution)

Sugar sculpting Techniques

  • What kind of technique?
  • Time to learn
  • Time to make
  • Tools

Specific information to include on ecosystem


Based on Research (Execution)

Natural food coloring




Accompanying text

User Testing

Cake (tested once)

Practice smaller sugar sculptures?

NEXT STEP: Attach dates to execution

Week 9

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